We partner with businesses to design, implement and support custom point-of-sale solutions.


We’re raising the bar

You’ll see right away why we’re not your typical payments company. Based on your businesses goals, we create a technology package that simplifies billing and connects the moving parts of your operation.

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Our advanced payment technology solutions enable our partners to accept virtually every type of payment that comes their way — from chip and PIN to Tap and Pay, and mobile wallets.



Allow your customers to make purchases and pay in monthly installments without affecting your cash flow. Your customers can choose the payment plan that suits them from our secure mobile application in under five minutes.  

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Smart, customized point of sale systems that make running your business easier. Monitor sales, refunds, and customer spending habits in real-time. Access your secure POS data from any device, at any time.


Data & Analytics

Get new insights every day about your business, customers, competitors and more so you can make smarter decisions, faster.


Built for speed

For growing businesses, cash flow matters. That’s why next day funding is our standard, with additional options to have your funds in a matter of hours.

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Our best-in-class technology & white-glove service are backed by years of dedicated efforts in understanding the payments landscape.



BUSINESSES supported

Our industry knowledge is comprised of thousands of successful client stories and point-of-sale integrations.



Technology partners

From software and hardware to financing and lending, we’ve built an all-star cast to help you succeed.


The Services You’ve Been Waiting For

We see ourselves as a partner in your success. When you win, we win. Hadfield Group prides itself on rapid response times and over-communicating. For most of our customers, we are responsible for ensuring secure processing and transfer of 90% of their businesses revenue. It’s a job we don’t take lightly. In addition, we maintain several in-house services that come standard for all of our customers;


PCI COMpliance

When your business follows Payment Card Industry Compliance, you stay clear of security threats. Our Step-by-step assistance makes this task a breeze.



Full support and assistance helping your business evaluate disputes, submit the proper documentation, and have the highest probability for a positive outcome.


Annual Business review

Every year, each Hadfield Group customer meets with our team to provide feedback on our service, receive industry updates & set goals for the coming year.


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