The Biggest Business Benefit of Connecting Payroll, Scheduling, and Point-of-Sale


Highly engaged employees make businesses more profitable. 

A recent report by Gallop found that when the most successful organizations provide its employees with the tools to do their best work, teams become more engaged. These companies realize a 41% reduction in absenteeism and 59% less turnover,  while its employees show up every day with passion, purpose, presence, and energy.

Two pertinent items to most employees are knowing when they work, and how they are paid. Therefore, the tools and processes used for these critical tasks should be carefully thought out in regards to how well employees will respond to them, their ease of use, and the features that can save them time or make their jobs easier. 

The best way to start is by choosing a powerful point-of-sale system that not only offers integrated EMV/chip card acceptance and online dashboards to understand trends and make real-time changes, but one that also seamlessly connects to hundreds of powerful applications to accomplish this feat. 

Yes, you can turn your POS system into a transaction accepting, cloud connecting, clock-in detecting, payroll collecting, data dissecting, schedule selecting machine (say that ten times, fast). 

In order to do so, let’s discuss the critical components and how your team will feel more engaged as a result.



Easy Employee Organization

Our programs make it easy for employees to copy schedules in advance, manage availability, and view schedules via text & mobile app eliminating the frustration of missed or incorrect shift times. For employers, we provide the ability to forecast labor against sales and weather and they can get alerted when employees are close to going into overtime. Also, the average business owner spends 4-6 hours per week creating & managing a paper schedule while our average client now completes this task in minutes. More free time to do more important things? Check.

Time Clock and Timesheets That Make Payroll a Breeze

With sophisticated features like photo capture at clock-in directly at the point of sale, break tracking & compliance, and a mobile GPS feature, time tracking headaches are gone. Your staff will benefit from the transparency and simplicity of their processes, alleviating miscommunication and frustration from human error. Also, since our POS systems can take a picture of your employees smiling faces as they arrive to work, you’ll never have to worry about early check-ins, which costs employers hundreds of dollars per year on average. 

Save Time with Better Team Communication

Keeping teams on the same page can be time-consuming. Our technology allows staff members to message each other on our mobile app, and managers can directly send them in-app messages or emails with info correlating directly to their schedule, shifts, time-off requests, and more. Managers can also track guests and any requests in our logbook to keep everyone on the same page, allowing employees to better serve customers which results in higher sales, commissions, tips, etc. The result; employees and employers make more money, time and energy wasted on miscommunications are limited, business moves fasters, and the businesses customers see and feel the results. As our point-of-sale system would say, cha-ching!  

Compliance Laws

Each state has laws around breaks, time card and job applicant detail storage, so it's important to hang on to these relevant items. Staying compliant keeps your business out of harm's way. We keep time card records up to 4 years, store job applications up to a year and ensure that state break and overtime laws are abided by. If businesses do not follow these laws, the average cost in expenses and penalties of settling a time & wage lawsuit is roughly $20,000 which is enough to put some companies out of business or cause the need for layoffs. Employees will benefit from this storage of information when any discrepancies come up about completed hours or pay, and my intuition says they’ll appreciate that the business is clear of any potential fines so that they can keep their jobs. 


Track Time and Automate Payroll in Just a Few Clicks

Connecting your scheduling and payroll applications turns hours into minutes and creates a streamlined process that eliminates errors. When employees are paid accurately and on-time, they’ll be more loyal to the business and encouraged to help it thrive. To this point, our payroll technology allows businesses to be able to issue and file W-2s and 1099s, report new hires, and restaurants can also automatically adjust wages to comply with the FLSA Tip Credit minimum wage requirement.

All the Forms

We file all federal, state, and local payroll tax forms on behalf of your company, using e-file, e-sign, and e-fax technologies. For you, that means it’s all automated and paperless. Now, that’s magic. 

Advanced Features

Administer benefits such as medical insurance, 401(k), sync expenses, and even file claims for the Federal R&D Tax Credit all from one unified platform. Your staff will enjoy the simplicity and transparency in enrollment and tracking of benefit information, knowing what they are paying, and what medical benefits they, and their families, can access. For restaurants, we will supply a report with the details your accountant will need to claim the FICA Tip Credit tax incentive on your corporate tax returns.

Employee Management

New employees fill out their info online including contact information, bank account details, and W-4s during a simple enrollment process. They can make charitable contributions directly from their paychecks, with automatic deductions. And, the business administrator can create fun payday emails for your staff, which you can personalize with your own notes which creates a closer employer-employee relationship. Studies show that the relationship that employees have with their management is directly correlated to how they perform on the job and how long they stay at that company. Or to summarize, when managers  have a great relationship with their team members, they’ll retain employees for much longer so that they don’t need to recruit, hire and train new ones. 

Integrate with your Point-of-Sale

As part of our enhanced scheduling and payroll partnerships, we have a deep technical integration to provide a seamless experience for business owners, their accountant, and bookkeeper-partners after our point-of-sale connects with these platforms.

Once all systems are connected, employee and contractor names (first and last) and emails are synced between both systems. When you update that employee or contractor information in either system it will properly display on the other.

In addition, all necessary scheduling data from the POS system syncs to our payroll provider, and both platforms provide troves of value that make employees, managers and business owners happier, allowing them to focus their energy on more important tasks. 

When technology works well together the ultimate end result is an engaged workforce, which translates to happier customers and a more profitable business.

Paul Hadfield